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Superheroes Murder Mystery in Colorado Springs

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When the Super Team Leader, Golden Guy, is found dead, it’s up to the rest of the Super Team and a few civilians to avenge him. Superpowers, evil masterminds, secret identities, and doomsday devices come head to head in this fast-paced mystery.


  • The Mind Thief — A gritty, violent, anti-hero vigilante.
  • Morgan King — A cocky, charismatic billionaire with lots of tech but no actual superpowers.
  • Professor Inferno — The team’s dispatcher.
  • The Red Finch — Golden Guy’s super-speedy former sidekick.
  • The Illusionist — Golden Guy’s reality-warping current sidekick.
  • Peyton Payne — The troubled but determined Chosen One destined to save the world.
  • The Silent Sentinel — The virtuous community protector and Golden Guy’s long-time rival.
  • The Whisperer— The moody, isolated newest member of the Super Team.
  • Deputy Mayor Grayson — The City’s ambitious Deputy Mayor.
  • Doctor Dabbler —A scientist who provides the Super Team with fancy gadgets and supersuits.
  • Hunter Wright — A reporter obsessed with superheroes.
  • Sage Smith — Morgan King’s romantic partner, a movie star who always ends up needing to be saved.