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Bachelor Murder Mystery in Colorado Springs

that show about love escape room colorado springs


It’s cocktail hour on a reality dating show and everyone is buzzing to see who’ll get tonight’s rose. The bachelor, Chad, is a worthy prize… at least he was before he became a corpse. But the show must go on, even without the man of the hour, and it’s up to the girls to find out who killed Mr. Perfect before the killer strikes again.


  • Tildy — The small-town Midwestern girl-next-door Disney Princess with a heart of gold; very sweet and likable.
  • Tennessee — The sharp-witted and sharp-tongued Southern Barbie Doll.
  • Ophelia — The crazy girl; like, full on “if it’s a pomegranate, then God bless it!” crazy.
  • Riley — The cool, slightly tomboy-ish girl who always gets friend-zoned.
  • Jada B. — The Tragic Past girl of the season, whose previous husband died mysteriously not too long ago; she thinks her story is amazing. 
  • Katalina — The one who just oozes sex appeal.
  • Sloane — The wealthy socialite/former president of her sorority.
  • Lola — The glamorous, confident, and effortlessly cool girl; seems a little edgy for That Show About Love.
  • Jada J. — The quirky, fun, passionate one; pretty much every girl’s best friend in the house.
  • Monica — The one who doesn’t quite fit in with the other girls; a little nerdier than your average That Show contestant.