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White House Murder Mystery in Colorado Springs

murder in the west wing escape room colorado springs


Five White House officials and a charming stranger gather in the President’s office for a mysterious meeting. As they await the President’s arrival, a reporter’s latest story implicates everyone present in a whirlwind of scandals and, ultimately, murder.


  • Vice President Taylor Pratt — A moderate Southern Democrat, widely considered to be both slightly unintelligent and highly ambitious.
  • Amy Brightman — A spunky, charming stranger.
  • Lee Treuhold — The President’s highly competent and endlessly loyal Chief of Staff. Soft-spoken, but utterly devoted to their job.
  • Senator Brett Beauregard — The charismatic Senate Majority Leader, a classic freedom-loving Republican from Alabama.
  • Ambassador Jyrgal Shivaza — The Ambassador to the US from Kyrgyzstan. Personable, goofy, and fun in spite of the language barrier.
  • Emerson Laws — The FBI Director. Has a reputation for going to ruthless extremes to get the job done.