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Mafia Murder Mystery in Colorado Springs

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Ruthless mob boss Mo Bossman’s family and closest friends gather to celebrate his birthday, but when Mo doesn’t show up, questions arise over who will succeed him as don and, of course, who did it. Bullet or poison, take your pick.


  • Vinny Bossman – Mo’s son, always trying to prove himself to Mo.
  • Dixie Daquiri – Mo’s latest wife (his fourth), Southern and always holding a cocktail.
  • Scarlett Daquiri – Dixie’s daughter, also Southern. A devoted and studious chemistry graduate student at Stanford.
  • Estella Star – A British movie star whose career Mo funded after adopting her at 17.
  • Alyosha Alkilya – Estella’s Russian bodyguard, he has protected her for 4 years.
  • Fae Beloves Ick – The family lawyer with a knack for getting Mo out of trouble.
  • JR Muscle – Mo’s right hand man; he’s a part of Mo’s family and inner circle.